“Spiritual Life”

In Jonathan’s Circle “spiritual” means something distinct from “religious.”  While it is possible as a spiritually aware person to be engaged in a religious community, or to maintain a discipline of religious practices, it is also possible, in a way that is not specifically religious, to be attuned to the presence of God, called by whatever name, in one’s life.  

Group of students meditating on the desks.

"People are uneasy with the correlation of sexuality and religion.  Christianity, especially, has separated the two in a way that would make them appear to be irreconcilable.  Psychiatry continues the disjuncture, emphasizing it with pathological labels.  The church elevates religion, devaluing sexuality.  Psychiatry does the opposite—elevating sexuality and devaluing religion.  The union of sexuality and religion is like an electrical connection.  Wrong joining leads to disaster.  No joining produces no energy.  Proper joining holds promise.”  — Eugene Monick, Phallos:  Sacred Image of the Masculine

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