What We Offer

Here in one place you can find a sketch of the range of Jonathan’s Circle’s activities. 


During the Coronavirus Pandemic our meet-ups will be taking place online. As of September 1, 2021, our meet-up group leaders are carefully evaluating the possibility of resuming in-person events.  Check out the links below to become a member of meetup.com and join a meetup grup accessible to you.  Online meetups will continue, allowing you to join any one of our meet-up groups and participate in a virtual circle. 

An exact schedule will be posted both here and on our events page as soon as we can do so. Currently we have two meetups in California (Los Angeles and Fresno) and one in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. Since these will be online, only your convenience of attending one in or near your time zone will make a difference. You DO have to join  a meetup group in order to get the information about the meetings, since they will be private events as they are when we are meeting in person.  

Meet-ups differ from brotherhood circles (see below) in that they are never the same group. They are one-off circles that typically include men who regularly attend, some who don’t, and some who never have come before. Still, a level of trust and intimacy is built up through exercises that engage body, mind, and spirit, just as happens in our brotherhood circles (described below).

Although only those who register through meetup are eligible to participate, you may join a meetup group without committing to attend any meetups at all. Any meetup is likely to include first-time attendees as well as those who come regularly or occasionally.

To join our Fresno group, go here.  To join our Los Angeles group, go here.  To join our Washington, DC meetup, go here.

Jonathan’s Circle Online

Jonathan’s Circle Online is a group at MeWe.com.  (Jonathan’s Circle Live is our monthly online open conversation—read about it below; our MeWe is private, by invitation only for which you may email us.) We take care to ensure that men who join know our norms and expectations and the ethical code that we abide by. We require that you have a photo or image on your MeWe profile (which does not have to be a personal photo or a headshot). Men agree to introduce themselves to the circle within three days if they wish to remain. Requesting membership in the group signifies that a person is a legal adult male of at least 18 years of age. Since the community is for members only, posts are confidential and not accessible to non-group members.  Be sure to have a MeWe account and graphic image on your profile before you ask to join. We’ll ask you a few questions and apprise you of our norms. You’ll be most welcome.

Jonathan’s Circle Live

Join us for one of our live conversations online. We use Google Hangouts as a platform, which allows small groups of up to ten persons to chat on webcam. Dates and topics are announced both in Circling [see below] and on our events page and our registration page. These conversations explore various aspects of the sex-spirit connection, with presentations by members of Jonathan’s Circle and special guests, with ample time for give-and-take among participants. In order to participate, you need to have a Google account, be familiar with the use of Google Hangouts, and have a webcam and microphone. You may connect on desktop or laptop or through an app for your phone or tablet.

Subscribe to Circling

Circling is our periodic e-newsletter that arrives in your inbox about once a month. It is designed with your mobile phone in mind, with brief announcements and links to featured articles, helps, and resources. Each article typically links to one of Frank Dunn’s reflections on integrating sex and spirit, a collection called “Three Sixty.” You’ll also find there a short column of helps and hints called “Men’s Tools.” Retreats and other events are announced, as well as meet-up topics and dates. Updates on this website, including blog entries are frequently linked. The entire message can be digested within a minute or two, and you can always return to it to follow the links to longer articles and news items. 

Brotherhood Circles

Brotherhood circles are groups of 6-10 men who commit to meeting regularly over a period of 4-6 months. All are small be design to promote trust, bonding, learning, and sharing. One, or ideally two, facilitators lead the circle. Meetings are based on designed and tested modules (meeting plans) that both provide structure and allow flexibility. To see what a typical brotherhood circle covers in four to six months, click hereGenerally, circles meet twice a month for 2-3 hours. If you are interested in forming brotherhood circle, contact us to find out the process of becoming a certified facilitator

Retreats and Workshops

Jonathan’s Circle sponsors retreats, both residential and non-residential, for members and also networks with other organizations and individuals who lead retreats. Topics vary from bodywork to meditation, from traditional silent retreats to weekends for hanging out. Check our events page to see current and upcoming retreats and workshops.



The quality of an experience in Jonathan’s Circle directly depends upon the competence, trustworthiness, and openheartedness of whoever is leading the circle. We are committed to providing safe spaces for the critical and deeply personal work of integrating sex and spirit. Facilitators are leaders of Jonathan’s Circles whom we train to guide the men who participate. 

While we believe that men are fully capable of meeting in small groups and taking responsibility for themselves and their own growth, our organization is invested in leadership development. 

We offer periodic online and personal training in the form of coaching, feedback, and support. Training is held at various locations around the country when there is a need for it. While time frames are flexible, training events are generally overnight experiences preceded by advance preparation. For a full description of training and for further information on Frank Dunn’s background as a coach, counselor, and trainer, visit his website, thesoulinyou.com. Other credentialed trainers participate in developing excellent leaders in Jonathan’s Circle. Contact us here.


Designed especially for men who have participated in a circle and who want to reflect more deeply on the connection of sex and spirit, we will soon be announcing courses that can be taken online as well as in local groups. Watch our website on this page, and subscribe to Circling to stay abreast of learning opportunities as they occur.

General Information

Jonathan’s circles are always small groups, ideally of eight to ten men. Six is a viable number, and a total of twelve suggests two groups of six. Our retreats and occasional weekend events are the only exceptions, but even ion ithose settings we endeavor to maximize personal interaction within the overall design. 

The size of a group is quite important, because bonding, trust, and depth of relationships are all integral to the experience. And experience is key. Jonathan’s Circle is not a discussion group, where men do what men do so well:  stay in our heads. It is about experiencing in our bodies, often in the simplest ways, the power that exists in our depths—power frequently layered over by the tremendous burden of having to prove ourselves to our parents, our wives and lovers, our children, to other males, and to our society.  

Each Jonathan’s circle organizes itself according to a set of common guidelines, within the context of which a group is free to set its own agenda, establish many of its own norms and habits, and select its own membership. We are consistent with the goals and parameters of the overall organization while exercising as much flexibility as possible in encouraging each group to meet the needs of its individual members. Jonathan’s Circle is guided by a code of ethics to ensure the integrity and safety of each group, its facilitators, and its individual participants.

Brotherhood Circles, Meet-ups, and weekend events all build upon thematic modules that are program designs that we test and use. We have approximately fifty such designs covering a broad range of topics. Each of them addresses some aspect of the process of integrating sexual experience and spiritual life. All are experiential, involving body, mind, and spirit. Get a better idea of how a circle operates here.

Questions or concerns about any aspects of Jonathan’s circles? Just ask.

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