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Jonathan’s Circle Live

          Getting the Most From Your Male Magic

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                                                        January 18

                        2 PM Eastern; 1 PM Central; 12 Noon, Mountain; 11 AM Pacific; 10 AM Alaska; 9 AM Hawaii; 3 PM Halifax; 4 PM Asunción;                     

                                  7 PM Dublin, London;  8 PM Rome, Berlin, Prague;  9 PM Capetown; 11PM Tbilisi

                                                                                      January 19

                                                                     12:30 AM New Delhi; 3 AM Hong Kong;  6 AM Sydney


Man reaching for moon

Doctors Robin Gorsline and Frank Dunn open a conversation with the challenge that you are a “magician,” and that men can often get more than they imagine by using their male magic creatively. First, though, we have to understand “magic” differently from how we generally think of it.  

"Magic" is often something we imagine to be fake. Stage magicians mesmerize children who soon learn to doubt appearances. Yet magicians still draw crowds and people pay to see performed what they know perfectly well cannot actually be done. But that's not real magic. Real magic takes a variety of forms. From ancient times, magicians were the ones who knew how things work, how to predict weather, how to cure illnesses. Magicians were not charlatans but shamans, medicine men and women, spiritual gurus and guides, priests, wizards. The Wright brothers accessed the archetype of the magician by daring to fly when people on both sides of the Atlantic were trying and failing. Builders, artists, engineers, performers: all are examples of those who "make the iron float," or do the seemingly impossible.

You are a magician because you’re human, and humans have enormous powers of all sorts that lie in us unsummoned and unused: powers of healing, powers to transform, powers to create, powers to change, powers to make the world a better place.  Frank and Robin invite you to explore the realm of our own male wizardry, both what we know and what we have yet to claim. Come and see how to access male magic that is potent beyond all the inhibitors and inhibitions we know so well—and sometimes invent to keep us comfortably unremarkable.

To join the conversation

  • pay whatever you can of the suggested fee ($15) [payment and other donations can be made here] 
  • register
  • familiarize yourself with Google Hangouts [this site may help]
  • have a webcam and working microphone
  • you'll get a link by email at least an hour before the conversation begins
  • hit the link when you get it and join us

It is our purpose to make all our events accessible to all men, excluding none for lack of funds. Give as you are able, and make it possible for someone else to participate. Tax deductible donations may always be made on our home page in the side bar.


                         StoneSong 2019 


Altar in Temple at Stonesong 2016 (ed)

July 10-14, 2019, take your place in a fellowship of erotically awakened, spiritually aware, open-hearted men. Together we'll celebrate the presence of the Sacred in our bodies and honor the desires that spring from the depths of our souls. We'll affirm our place in Creation amidst the natural beauty of western Maryland's rolling hills.

Awaken your body and spirit every morning with gentle movement and meditation. Speak and listen from the heart as we gather in sharing circles. Work together for an hour every afternoon caring for the forested land on which we gather. Find joy, generosity, and healing in mindful, respectfully structured erotic experiences with your fellow travellers. 

Add an extra day (Sunday afternoon, July 14, through midday Monday, July 15) and go even deeper into the experience of connecting sex and spirit.

StoneSong Nature and Awareness Center is situated outside Flintstone, Maryland, about two hours west of the District of Columbia.

For full information, visit our retreat website. Or if you have arrived here from the retreat website, then register by completing the registration form and the release form. Full information concerning costs, options, and payment you’ll find on the retreat website (“Registration and Fees”).  

Payment may be made either by check or via PayPal, below.  The PayPal amounts include processing fees.  Save 4%  by paying by check.  Save even more by registering with another man.  See the retreat website for further details.  

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Weekend Events

see our events page for the June 21-23 weekend in Virginia.  Registration will open in May.


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No brotherhood circles are open at the present time.  If you are interested in beginning a brotherhood circle, contact us here.

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To inquire about and register for training to be a facilitator of brotherhood circles, events, and meet-ups, contact us here.

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