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Erectile Issues SOS


               The Care and Feeding of the Mature Erection


March 4, 2021               

7 PM Eastern Time

6 PM Central  Time

5 PM Mountain Time

4 PM Pacific  Time

3 PM Alaska  Time

2 PM Hawaii  Time

March 5, 2021

12 Midnight London

1 AM Paris, Rome, Berlin

4 AM Tbilisi

8 AM Hong Kong, Singapore

11 AM Sydney 

e.e. cummings once said, “You are young only once, but you can remain immature indefinitely.” 

With that he suggested that, while age is non-negotiable, maturity is very much collaborative. If you haven’t passed 40 yet, you might not be aware that, as time goes on, your body will announce in no uncertain terms that what you took for granted yesterday is not what you can count on now.  Backs go out.  Rotator cuffs mysteriously tear.  Knees get tricky.  And penises turn out to have a mind of their own—different from the mind we as teens came to know and enjoy.  

Since men have a lifelong history of friendship with the penis, it is disconcerting when suddenly the automatic erection, the “morning wood,” one day seems less apparent than it was just a day or two ago.  So how do we men care for and nurture the penis as the years go by? 

This session of Jonathan’s Circle Live will be a round table in which we talk about what men never talk about: how we deal with the penis as we age. This is as applicable for men in their 40’s and 50’s as it is for men who’ve reached the status of “elder.” And don’t count yourself out if you’re even younger, especially if you love older men—not to mention that you might profit from having a preview of what’s down the road for you.  

The truth is there is much we can do to care for and “feed” the penis. It’s like the heart or the brain: what we do to keep them in good working order doesn’t include agonizing about them but does involve nutrition, getting circulation and heart rate up, using them, and adapting to bodily changes. The secret may be treating the penis as a friend and teacher, seeing what lessons it has to teach us, rather than blaming it or ourselves for what it’s not doing.  

And there is much to learn.

Join us and

• share what you’re finding helpful as you grow older

• listen to others who’ve got some insights that you can profit from now or later

• reflect on how your point of view might broaden to see your own sexual expression in terms other than performance and climax.  

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