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            What Work Does and Doesn’t Do For Men

October 28

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October 29                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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September’s conversation about work proved to be one of the most energetic we’ve ever had. In response to those who said they would like to pursue it further and those who regretted they missed the first session, Frank Dunn and Michael Kerosky invite you to another—and deeper—conversation about what work does and doesn’t do for men.

As one of the men in our last conversation noted, to rob men of work is to rob them of their selfhood, their identity. That is not necessarily every man’s experience, but it is true for a great many men in a society in which boys are raised to provide, to protect, and to perform, especially with the message that how well they do those things is a measure of their worth.  

Crises occur when for one reason or another work is no longer what men can do. As another man said, “Now that I am retired, I am no longer interesting. It used to be that other men (and women too) would want to hear about my work. What have I got to say now?” Being laid off, fired, injured or disabled can be a devastating experience, a soul-wounding trauma.  

These are not only social issues, nor are they solely personal either. They are profoundly spiritual.  For what does it do to a human soul to derive validation from something so contingent as performance? And they deeply affect sexual energy as well, for that is another area in which men lay upon themselves the demand to perform, to satisfy, to stimulate, to arouse.  

What work does and doesn’t do for men is complicated and intriguing territory.  

• If you’re struggling with work issues—whatever their origin—here’s a chance for you to reflect with others both sharing your insights and listening to others’ experience

• If you’re retired, we need to hear what you’ve learned and what you’re experiencing now that work is less a factor in your life.

• If you're in mid or late career,  you have a place to name the challenges and opportunities that you’re finding as you negotiate your way through the second half of life.  

• If you’re young and at the front end of career or trying to get your bearings in job or profession, your voice with its hopes, questions, doubts is one we need to hear—and perhaps you can learn from what older men relate.

And all of us can explore the delicate balance between work and sex, whatever forms they take in individual lives.  

We hope you’ll join us.

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"Seeking the Profound – An Intimate Erotic Expedition Inward

Beginning January 26, 2020

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Meeting on Tuesdays At 7:00-9:30 PM Eastern US Time (here is a link that will convert that to your time zone), the circle will convene bi-weekly beginning on January 26 and ending on May 4.  The cost for the 8 sessions is $160. If paying below a $5 service charge is added.  Directions to pay by check are on the registration form. As always, our policy is to make our offerings available to any so that none is kept from attending by fees.  If you wish to discuss financial assistance, contact frank@jonathanscircle.  

Topics for the eight sessions

   • Who am I?

   • My erotic life

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   • Secrets, shame, and privacy

   • Wounds, memories, and healing

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