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      How Far Can We Trust Pleasure?            

July 20, 2021            

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July 21, 2021

12 Midnight London

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Few of us would likely look at the above photo and find it either enticing on the one hand or disgusting on the other.  We’d likely have a variety of views ranging from delight to “yuck!” But there are other images on which we’d be less divided. It’s exactly such images that the advertising industry uses so effectively to appeal to mass markets.  

Pleasure is not the only thing that motivates us, but it is huge. That is true for all organisms.  There are pleasure centers in our brains that process and store sensory experiences that we have evolved to reproduce if we can. The growing research of neuroscience reveals both that pleasure goes hand in hand with a personal sense of well-being and  that there is such a thing as maxxing out on pleasure.  

The reason why we’re taking a look at this rich area is obvious: pleasure is a key issue in sexual life (and sensory life in general) and also a hot button topic in spiritualities as well. Human beings have a history of not being entirely clear on just what the dynamics of pleasure are—hence the conflicted notions and feelings about pleasure itself. Does it enhance growth, impede growth, or both? If there is a “golden mean” between too little pleasure and too much, how is that middle ground discovery, and how is it important to overall well-being?

Join us and

• take a look at what gives you pleasure and what robs you of it

• enjoy the opportunity of discussing frankly a topic that touches all men yet rarely is discussed on a personal, intimate level

• gather some tools that will help you discern better how to navigate a culture that constantly teases us to go after more pleasure and very, very rarely discusses the limits of pleasure without becoming judgmental about it.

To Join Our Live Conversations with Frank Dunn and Michael Kerosky 

  • pay whatever you can of the suggested fee ($15) [payment and other donations can be made here] We’re glad to waive the fee for any who are currently strapped from the impact of COVID-19!
  • Register (You must register by following this link!) 
  • familiarize yourself with Zoom
  • have a webcam and working microphone
  • you'll get a link by email when you register 
  • hit the link and join us a few minutes before the session begins.  Check the time above.

It is our purpose to make all our events accessible to all men, excluding none for lack of funds. Give as you are able, and make it possible for someone else to participate. Tax deductible donations may always be made on our home page in the side bar. 


The Board of Jonathan’s Circle regrets that we have had to cancel all our in-person events during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We look forward to resuming our full schedule of activities as soon as it is safe to to do so.              

Special Events

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Training for Facilitators

Training for facilitators is offered periodically in different locations around the country. If you are interested in being trained to facilitate any of our meet-ups, brotherhood circles, retreats, or events, let us know.  


In areas where the pandemic is successfully receding, and for men who are fully vaccinated, camping trips may be organized by our certified facilitators.  Specific infromation on dates and locations will appear in Circling, as it becomes availablbe.  

Brotherhood Circles

Brotherhood circles are ongoing small groups that last between four and twelve months. For “meet-ups” in Washington, Fresno, and Los Angeles, see below.

Our first online brotherhood circle began in January, 2021. Meeting on Tuesdays At 7:00-9:30 PM Eastern US Time (here is a link that will convert that to your time zone), the circle convenes bi-weekly, ending on May 4. The cost for the 8 sessions is $160. As always, our policy is to make our offerings available to any so that none is kept from attending by fees. If you’d like to get in line with others now waiting to join the next brotherhood circle online, email

Topics for the eight sessions

   • Who am I?

   • My erotic life

   • My spiritual life

   • Secrets, shame, and privacy

   • Wounds, memories, and healing

   • Mentors, teachers, and models

   • My gifts to the world

   • My lessons and my wisdom

We began planning it particularly for the men who live in places that will always be remote from one of our in-person circles.  Now it proves useful to any and all, as more and more things move online.  

If you are interested in organizing a circle, or if you would like to work with a small group (1-2 persons) in your area to plan an event such as a non-residential Saturday or Friday evening-Saturday event, be in touch with us.   


Under the auspices of, a worldwide network of affinity groups of all sorts, Jonathan’s Circle has meet-ups currently in Washington, DC,  Los Angeles, and Fresno, CA. Become a member of and join us. Meet-ups are one-off circles in that they always consist of small groups of men who belong to our meet-up group, but each meeting is on a distinct theme and the group is always “new.” In contrast, men in our brotherhood circles commit to meet over a period of 4 to 12 months.  

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