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October 18, 19

passionate heart

October 18, 2018

12 noon EDT, Asunción; 11AM CDT, Medellín; 10 AM MDT; 9 AM PDT; 8 AM AKDT; 6 AM HST; 1 PM Halifax, Rio; 5 PM Dublin, London; 

6 PM Rome, Berlin, Prague; 8 PM Tbilisi;12 Midnight Hong Kong, Singapore

October 19, 2018 

3 AM Sydney

Doctors Robin Gorsline and Frank Dunn invite you to October’s online conversation probing the deep connection between being passionate and compassionate.

Passionate love is another name for suffering love. One can't be truly passionate without being vulnerable. The more we let ourselves love profligately, prodigally, without reservations, the more capable we are of being loving in ways that address the suffering of the world.  Love knows no bounds except the bounds of mutual respect and forbearance.      

People pay big bucks to find out how to get the love they want. It actually costs nothing.  The proverb “Love is not love until it is given away” holds true.  Love without reservation, without discrimination:  that is the sure way to get the love you want.  And along the pike how much love you get becomes incidental, negligible in importance. It’s unbelievable until we try it, practice it, test it, and find it true.

But how to love that way: that’s the question.  We’ll point out some ways of being compassionate, beginning with being compassionate with ourselves, towards whom we are generally very critical. 

Robin and Frank are not answer men, telling you what to think or do.  Rather, they induce conversation in which it’s safe for you to share what you experience, what you doubt, think, know, and believe.  

Join us and learn how being a passionate lover is mysteriously tied to being a compassionate person.

To join the conversation

  • pay whatever you can of the suggested fee ($15) [payment and other donations can be made here] 
  • register
  • familiarize yourself with Google Hangouts [this site may help]
  • have a webcam and working microphone
  • you'll get a link by email at least an hour before the conversation begins
  • hit the link when you get it and join us

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   Canceled          Honoring Our Bodies, Feeding Our Souls

                                               November 15-18, 2018

                                          Saratoga Springs Retreat Center

                                       Upper Lake, Mendocino County, CA

Saratoga Image 1

We regret that our retreat planned for November is canceled.  Watch this space for other retreat opportunities, soon to be announced.

Weekend Events

Our most recent weekend event took place in Virginia in April with nine men together Friday night through Sunday midday.  “Death and Rebirth in the Godbody and Your Body” was the theme, focusing on how the rites of spring such as Passover, Easter, Vernal Equinox, Beltane, and the Cherokee First New Moon festival all celebrate realities that we experience in our bodies, and particularly in our erotic expressions.  More weekend events are planned for 2019.  Keep connected (see the bottom of this page) to learn and plan.                                        

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Training for facilitators is offered periodically in different locations around the country. If you are interested in being trained to facilitate any of our meet-ups, brotherhood circles, retreats, or events, let us know.


Dates for camping trips will be posted in the spring of 2019. Organize your own with Jonathan’s Circle brothers and let us know. We’ll advertise it here, though we don’t officially sponsor it.  

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