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             StoneSong 2019 


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Rituals You Have and Rituals That Have You

May 22

 9 PM Eastern   8 PM Central  7 PM Mountain  6 PM Pacific  5 PM Alaska  3 PM Hawaii  

                                                                     May 23

                    2 AM London, Dublin, Lisbon   3 AM Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin                

                            5 AM Tbilisi   9 AM Hong Kong   11 AM  Sydney, Brisbane

Frank Dunn and Michael Kerosky lead May's edition of Jonathan's Circle Online exploring the role of ritual as a tool and path for integrating sex and spirit. On the simplest level, ritual is a habit--a repeated action that lends structure to life, such as brushing teeth or the morning cup of coffee.  On a more advanced level, rituals are enacted stories, dramatic presentations of memories, desires, needs, challenges—the Passover Seder, a rain dance, a harvest festival, a New Zealand haka.  

Regularly repeated sexual experiences often take the form of rituals, perhaps only partly consciously. We'll look at how ritual actions appealing to our bodily senses can greatly enhance sexual pleasure.  We'll visit the way that formal rituals often carry erotic themes under the surface.

    •  Learn and share what rituals you and others find meaningful

    •  Garner some fresh ideas for enriching life through honoring the sacred in sexual expression

    •  Consider how rituals can unlock erotic energy

We hope you’ll be with us.

To Join Our Conversations

  • pay whatever you can of the suggested fee ($15) [payment and other donations can be made here] 
  • Register
  • familiarize yourself with Google Hangouts [this site may help]
  • have a webcam and working microphone
  • Google hangouts work much better with Chrome, which we recommend you use 
  • you'll get a link by email at least an hour before the conversation begins
  • hit the link when you get it and join us

It is our purpose to make all our events accessible to all men, excluding none for lack of funds. Give as you are able, and make it possible for someone else to participate. Tax deductible donations may always be made on our home page in the side bar.


              StoneSong 2019 

Altar in Temple at Stonesong 2016 (ed)


July 10-14, 2019, take your place in a fellowship of erotically awakened, spiritually aware, open-hearted men. Together we'll celebrate the presence of the Sacred in our bodies and honor the desires that spring from the depths of our souls. We'll affirm our place in Creation amidst the natural beauty of western Maryland's rolling hills.

Awaken your body and spirit every morning with gentle movement and meditation. Speak and listen from the heart as we gather in sharing circles. Work together for an hour every afternoon caring for the forested land on which we gather. Find joy, generosity, and healing in mindful, respectfully structured erotic experiences with your fellow travellers. 

Add an extra day (Sunday afternoon, July 14, through midday Monday, July 15) and go even deeper into the experience of connecting sex and spirit.

StoneSong Nature and Awareness Center is situated outside Flintstone, Maryland, about two hours west of the District of Columbia.

For full information, visit our retreat website. Then register.

Weekend Events

May 18, 2019

In a private home in St. Inigoes, MD, a group of us will gather to explore “Sexual Pathways to Spiritual Growth.” Gather between 8:30 and 9:00 for continental breakfast and conversation. Program begins at 9 and ends at 4.  Spacious grounds allow free time outside, weather permitting. Spaces are limited to 10 men. Registration deadline is May 10. Cost of the day is $40, which includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Bring your own choice of non-alcoholic beverage. Register here.

June 21-23, 2019 

A weekend getaway at a private campground and spa in eastern Virginia.  The topic is “Midsummer Night Dreams” and will be a body-based exploration of fantasies, images, and symbols of Eros and Spirit. “Midsummer Night” is the name of the summer solstice in medieval England. It occurred on June 24 and was celebrated with great bonfires associated with mating and dating.  Register on this page.                            

Training for Facilitators

Training for facilitators is offered periodically in different locations around the country. If you are interested in being trained to facilitate any of our meet-ups, brotherhood circles, retreats, or events, let us know.  Next planned training is in Los Angeles June 1-2, 2019.  If you are interested, click the above link and tell us.


Dates for camping trips will be posted by May of 2019. Organize your own with Jonathan’s Circle brothers and let us know. We’ll advertise it here, though we don’t officially sponsor it.  

Brotherhood Circles

Brotherhood circles are ongoing small groups that last between four and twelve months. For “meet-ups” in Washington, Fresno, and Los Angeles, see below.

If you are interested in organizing a circle, or if you would like to work with a small group (1-2 persons) in your area to plan an event such as a non-residential Saturday or Friday evening-Saturday event, be in touch with us.    


Under the auspices of, a worldwide network of affinity groups of all sorts, Jonathan’s Circle has meet-ups currently in Washington, DC,  Los Angeles, and Fresno, CA. Become a member of and join us. Meet-ups are one-off circles in that they always consist of small groups of men who belong to our meet-up group, but each meeting is on a distinct theme and the group is always “new.” In contrast, men in our brotherhood circles commit to meet over a period of 4 to 12 months.  

Bookmark this page for further information. Better still, subscribe to Circling in the sidebar on the home page for updates and news on events and circles. When registering for a brotherhood circle, to download a registration form (for Brotherhood Circles only) go here (link is inactive because none is currently accepting registrations). Fill out the form and either scan, or print and email, to

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