We Need Elders

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Jonathan’s Circle pays attention to the need men have to be valued throughout their lives.  Younger men bring enthusiasm, hope, vitality, and frequently a big appetite for sexual experience.  Older men speak from experience, reflection, years of observation, and a collection of victories and defeats that breed and shape wisdom. We need each other. 

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We sponsor periodic retreats for men who are 60 years of age or older to mark their entrance into or continuation in elderhood, through a combination of preparation, reflection, articulation of personal vision and mission, and vibrant ritual. Thus Jonathan’s Circle is one of the few places in our society where men can claim their aging without embarrassment, diminishment, or shame.  Not all elders have the same vocation—to mentor young men, for example.  Yet, the very presence of older men, esteemed and honored, vigorous and vital, open and growing, is a treasured aspect of Jonathan’s Circle.  If the image of a journey is a circuitous line, the image of a community of fellow travelers is a circle containing experience and reflection supporting wholeness.

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