Make friends with other men.  Take your place in Jonathan’s Circle.  The entrance is your keyboard, right at your fingertips. Find entry points in the list below.

Contact us through email with your questions, comments, and requests for more information.  

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Jonathan’s Circle Online

Our online circle is a Google Plus Community.  We take care to ensure that men who join know our norms and expectations and the ethical code that we abide by.  Men are accepted into membership by invitation only.  A with a photo or image on their profile (which does not have to be a personal photo or a headshot).  They agree to introduce themselves to the circle within one week if they wish to remain.  Requesting membership in the group signifies that a person is a legal adult male of at least 18 years of age.  The group is private, available to members only.  Posts therefore are confidential and not accessible to non-group members.  Request to join here, but be sure to have a graphic image on your Google profile before you do.  We’ll ask you a few questions and apprise you of our norms. You’ll be most welcome.

Subscribe to Circling

Circling is our periodic e-newsletter that arrives in your inbox about once a month. It is designed with your mobile phone in mind, with brief announcements and links to featured articles, helps, and resources. Each article typically links to one of Frank Dunn’s reflections on integrating sex and spirit, a collection called “Three Sixty.” You’ll also find there a short column of helps and hints called “Men’s Tools.” Retreats and other events are announced, as well as meet-up topics and dates. Updates on this website, including blog entries are frequently linked.  The entire message can be digested within a minute or two, and you can always return to it to follow the links to longer articles and news items.  Subscribe above in the sidebar.

Brotherhood Circles

If you are interested in forming brotherhood circle, contact us to find out the process of becoming a certified facilitator. Brotherhood circles typically run for 4-6 months with 6-8 men led by one, or ideally two, facilitators. Generally, circles meet twice a month. Read here a fuller account of brotherhood circles and what they do.

Jonathan’s Circle Live

Join us for one of our live conversations online.  We use Google Hangouts as a platform, which allows small groups of up to ten persons to chat on webcam.  Dates and topics are announced both in Circling [see above] and on our events page.  These conversations explore various aspects of the sex-spirit connection, with presentations by members of Jonathan’s Circle and special guests, with ample time for give-and-take among participants.  In order to participate, you need to have a Google account, be familiar with the use of Google Hangouts, and have a webcam and microphone.  You may connect on desktop or laptop or through an app for your phone or tablet.


Meet-ups take place about every 4-6 weeks.  Thus far, we have meet-ups in the Washington, DC metro area, in Los Angeles, and in Fresno, CA. is a wide and popular network of interest and affinity groups covering an amazing range of topics and activities.  Join for free and learn about us.  We’ll help you start a meetup in your area.  

Men come from as far away as Hagerstown, MD and Philadelphia to participate in our Washington, DC, meet-ups, which typically last between 2.5 and 4 hours.  Only those who register through meetup come, although you may join the meetup group without committing to attend any meetups at all.  Any meetup is likely to include first-time attendees as well as those who come regularly or occasionally. 

Recent meet-up topics include “Encountering the Sacred Masculine,” “Living Sensually,” and “Keeping Cool, Keeping Centered,” “Men in Our Lives,” “What is ‘Masculine’ Anyway?”  

Meet-ups, like every other Jonathan’s Circle group, are neither discussion groups nor sex parties.  Read more about us on our meet-up site.  

Click here to view some profiles of Jonathan’s brothers.  

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