Who We Are

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Meanwhile, what about you? We’d like to know about the search you’re on—the internet search that got you here, the quest for meaning you may be on, the hopes you nurture, the desires you’d like to find someone to understand.  Jonathan’s Circle, in all of our locations—in our brotherhood circles, MeWe Community, our online events, courses, meet-ups, hangouts, and retreats—is a safe place for you to be you.  

We don’t pressure you to share anything that you don’t want to. We don’t have a bill of goods to sell you. We don’t have doctrines or dharma to get you to believe in. We honor your commitments, your integrity, your values. Most of all, you don’t have to be on your guard lest you find you don’t fit in. You have nothing to prove, no score to keep, and no score being kept on you.  

That’s about as plain as we can put it.  

In these pages, especially on the connect tab, you will find a number of places that you can connect. We have some expectations which you can learn about. Give us a try. Subscribe to Circling, and keep abreast of what we’re doing (look on the home page about halfway down); it will only take you a minute or less put in your contact information).  Let us hear your questions. Join with hundreds of other men all over the world and find that you’re in good company. Learn the joy of realizing that your sexual energy and deep spiritual meaning don’t have to be connected because they already are connected.  

The search for wholeness is amazing.

It really is the search for who you already are.

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