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Safe spaces where men integrate sex and spirit

Men were once boys who learned by example and silence to split their lives into fragments. Emotions hid behind toughness. Sex grew into a game of scoring to prove manhood. And spirit, outside of sports events, became something that men channeled into institutions that taught us that Spirit was opposed to flesh. Many men are left seeing no positive connection at all between sexual drive and spiritual power.

Do you ever feel that you have to hide your sexual feelings for no good reason?

Have you ever had a powerful spiritual experience that you couldn’t share with even your closest friends because “they wouldn’t understand”?

Is the familiar cycle of sex-guilt-anger-indulgence-denial something you wish you could break out of?

Ever wondered why it is that “proper society” seems embarrassed by something as natural as the human body and something as enjoyable as sex?

Would you like to explore how it is that your deepest sexual longings and your highest aspirations towards Truth and integrity spring from the same part of your Self? 

To face questions like these men are joining Jonathan’s Circle—a safe place to explore two integral parts of being male: our sexual energy and our longing for deep meaning.

Jonathan’s Circle® is a worldwide community of men exploring the deep connection of spiritual life and male sexual experience.

We are a non-profit organization chartered under the laws of The District of Columbia.

Our mission is to create safe spaces where men can integrate sex and spirit.

We carry out our mission in small groups where men of all sorts, orientations, and traditions, including those who claim none, form circles that are communities of learning, sharing, and growth. “Men” are any persons 18 years of age or older who self-identify as male.

Learn what we do as we carry out our mission.

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Our circles include (click on any link(s) below)

  • Jonathan’s Circle Online, a group at

  • Jonathan’s Circle Live, monthly online moderated conversations on a range of topics related to the integration of sexual life and spiritual life, announced on our registration page

  • Meet-ups, both online and in person, through

  • Brotherhood circles with a life of 3-4 months, described here

  • Weekend events

  • Retreats

  • special programs and events, periodically held at various sites as well as online.

We explore the union of erotic and spiritual energy through body-based experiences including centering, balancing, breathing, meditation, drumming, rhythm, song, chant, ritual, light touch, massage, dance, movement, painting, drawing, sculpting, journaling, sacred texts, poetry, and silence.

  • In all of our circles we actively engage in body-based activities, reflecting on them, and mining them for increasingly deeper understanding of eros and spirit.  

Join Our Online Circle

Jonathan’s Circle Online, our ongoing daily center, is a MeWe group hosted at Join us for reflections, exchanging ideas, posting relevant articles, and getting instant updates about programs and events.  Chat in a social medium where men talk freely about whatever is on their hearts and minds.  To keep the circle safe, it is private, restricted to members only.  To learn about our norms, parameters, and expectations for the online circle, and for instructions about joining, contact Become a part of this amazing group of men.

Make the planet safe. Invest in men.

Men being whole are men being strong, leading change by changing the script of what being a man means.

Support our scholarship fund to help men reach higher and go deeper
to be whole.

Every dollar you give helps a man to be in a safe space to integrate his sexual power and a healthy spirit.

What men are saying about Jonathan’s Circle

Peter F The Netherlands

The free newsletter contains content which I took advantage of. I am more in my body and have more fun being a man. Frank Dunn is an accessible and knowledgeable man.

Ron D Connecticut

My participation in Jonathan’s Circle has been an important part of my journey as a spiritual man, taking me places with a depth of perspective and understanding I wouldn’t have given myself permission to imagine. It is truly a great resource for personal growth, knitting and healing dimensions of masculine selfhood that most of us need, whether we previously knew it or not!

Bill C Hawaii

For me, as an individual who, by temperament and profession, straddles the "sacred" and "profane,” Frank Dunn and Jonathan's Circle have helped to heal my alienation from the other when I feel sequestered in one or the other. Now I know what love and acceptance of my whole being feels like.

Brantley P South Carolina

What I like about Jonathan’s Circle is being able to discuss topics that interest me with like-minded men. I enjoy being able to connect with others this way, as I have been more limited in being able to locate a community that suits me.

Gerry V Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Jonathan’s Circle has been a much needed lifeline especially during the pandemic. It’s a safe space of inclusion and respect which fosters connection and curiosity. Despite living alone I always feel nourished and revived after connecting with my sacred brothers. For that I am incredibly grateful.

Andrew S New South Wales, Australia

Leading, as I do, a relatively isolated and sometimes lonely life in a remote area of Australia, I have found a virtual home in Jonathan’s Circle. It has provided a means for me to connect with open-hearted and like-minded men from all over the world. I have enjoyed joining in live discussions and reading numerous thought-provoking articles. The ever growing and deepening work of Jonathan’s Circle has helped me bridge the imagined gap between the “physical” and “spiritual” realms. My experience has left me feeling much more integrated and loneliness is something I no longer need to believe in.

The Bonding of Men

“When David had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was bound to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.  Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.  Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that he was wearing, and gave it to David, and his armor, and even his sword and his bow and his belt.”   — I Samuel 18: 1, 3-4  NRSV

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If down deep you know that there must be a way of connecting your soul and your body, a way that honors both your spiritual life and your sexual self, contact us.



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