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Jonathan’s Circle Live

absence and longing

we all feel it, but why?

August 13, 14



August 13, 2018

 1 PM EDT, Asunción; 12 Noon CDT, Bogotá; 11 AM MDT; 10 AM  PDT; 9 AM AKDT; 7 AM HST; 2 PM Halifax, Rio; 6 PM Dublin, London; 7 PM CEST 

August 14, 2018 

9 PM Tbilisi; 12 Midnight Jakarta; 1 AM Hong Kong, Singapore; 3 AM Sydney

Doctors Robin Gorsline and Frank Dunn will open a conversation in  Jonathan’s Circle Live on a theme everybody lives out: absence and longing. This builds on both our last conversation on desire and also on recent meet-up topic "Being Alone, Being Connected.”  

The experience of absence is pervasive, even though we are ostensibly the most connected generation ever to have lived on this planet.  When it comes to spiritual life, absence does not only figure prominently but is inescapably a part of spiritual life—what St. John of the Cross first named “the dark night of the soul.”  In sexual life, longing must be the subject of 99% of love songs, reflecting something more than desire, something more like perennial yearning for love, for touch, for care, indeed for orgasm itself.  Join us as we probe this rich topic together.  See how absence and longing are playing out in your own life, and begin to understand a bit more why you feel them the way you do. 

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             Honoring Our Bodies, Feeding Our Souls

                                               November 15-18, 2018

                                          Saratoga Springs Retreat Center

                                       Upper Lake, Mendocino County, CA

Saratoga Image 1


Read about it here and register now on the Saratoga Springs website.

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