How can I find a Jonathan’s Circle near me?

The pilot circle began in October, 2014, in Washington, DC, and ended in April, 2015.   We have now had a total of three circles in metropolitan DC area, each lasting from 4 to 6 months by design.  Having a circle depends upon having a trained and certified facilitator. Other circles will be forming where there is interest and trained leadership.   Please contact us to see where circles are forming near you. 

Is there a charge for participating in Jonathan’s Circle?  

There is a registration fee, payable at enrollment, which may vary from circle to circle.  It is the intention of Jonathan’s Circle not to be prohibitively expensive for anyone. Hence, registration fees will be kept as low as reason will allow.

Can I join the Google Group without being a part of a circle? 

Yes.  Please do.  If you prefer the quicker, briefer, and more versatile Google Plus Community, join here.  

May I drop in on a circle just to visit and to see what it’s like?

The very nature of circles is that they are groups where every participant “buys into” the agreements of the group. Trust and confidentiality—the two things on which safety depends—rule out the possibility of drop-ins.  We do schedule meet-ups, however, to offer men the opportunity of experiencing a taste of what a circle is. Sometimes men who are already in circles come.  Sometimes men come more than once. The purpose of the meet-up is to address the need to experience a circle without making an extensive commitment. Our hope is that once you have experienced the intimacy, openness, and hospitality of Jonathan’s Circle, you’ll want to participate regularly, if you are able to. Here is a link to Jonathan’s Circle Meet-ups for men in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. If you want more information, feel free to join the meet-up, even if you are unable to come (you’ll find out about when and where they happen as long as you are registered for the meet-up). Still have questions?  Let us know.  

Is Jonathan’s Circle a Christian group?

No. We welcome men of all faiths and men of none. Read here to see our outlook on what “spiritual life” involves.  We respect all religious and spiritual traditions. Jonathan’s Circle assumes that every man is both body and spirit and thus has a spiritual as well as a physical life.  

Do you actually get into sex?

That, of course, is what everyone wants to know—but, to tell the truth, it is not the most frequently asked question. Jonathan’s Circle is definitely not a sex party. But one of the key dimensions of Jonathan’s Circle is that we expand the boundaries of what “sex” means. Sex involves the whole person, including body, mind, and emotions, not just the  genitals. Depending on the needs and covenant of a circle, touching, embracing, exploring erotic movement, examining the spiritual quality of pleasure, sharing fantasies and stories—any of these—are germane to the process of connecting spiritual life and sexual expression. All activities, including physical activites, are carefully planned, moderated, and for the purpose of deeping our understanding of who we are as whole men with both spiritual and sexual practices.  

I don’t have a “spiritual” life so what’s in this for me?

Probably the possibility of learning that what you mean by “spiritual” is not what we mean by it. Secondly, you might be surprised to find out that you do have an interior life related to, but distinct from, your body.

I’m straight.  Will I be out of place in Jonathan’s Circle?

We can’t say that you will or won’t feel out of place, as that is something quite subjective for each person. But straight guys, like all others, are welcome in Jonathan’s Circle. Openness to other men’s experience and a willingness to be yourself are the main things that will determine how much at home you feel. One thing we can promise you:  you will be respected. Read our guidelines and norms to see what we mean.

What do I have to do to start a circle?

Contact us and discuss it. That’s the first step.  

Are guys in Jonathan’s Circle more interested in sexual experiences than spiritual issues?

We can’t guarantee who is more or less interested in what. What we do know is that the purpose of Jonathan’s Circle is to explore the connection of spiritual life and sexual experience, not to focus on one at the exclusion, or even at the diminishment, of the other.

I am disabled.  Will my disability hinder me from participating?

We sincerely hope and think not. Depending on accessibility at any particular site where a circle meets, we welcome men of whatever physical ability. In time, we hope that there will be circles that are particularly suited, for example, to those who are deaf. In the meanwhile, feel free to ask us, or the leader of the circle you are considering, if your personal considerations can be addressed to your satisfaction in the circle you wish to join.

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