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Jonathan’s Circle Google Group  A group for adult men to discuss the connection of spiritual life and sexual practice in confidentiality and safety.  Click on this link and await the moderator’s response in order to join the conversation.

Link to any of these sites to explore the spirit-body connection.


Richard Rohr, OFM is the Director of this educational center, grounded in the Christian mystical tradition.  

An organization dedicated to the enhancement of erotic life, and its spiritual overtones

 Building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities need

Another organization working to bring body and spirit together for men, particularly gay and bi men

Bruce P. Grether and Blue Tyger lead men into exploring masturbation as an honorable and valuable practice which can be profoundly spiritual. 

Christian de la Huerta’s website in which he deals with some of the major techniques applicable to Jonathan’s Circle, especially breath work.  View the possibilities of exploring this further.

James Broughton was an exponent and lyric spirit of the connection between body and spirit.  View the website about the documentary of his life and work.

Collin Brown leads you into an awareness of the body/spirit connection

The blog of David Townsend, who leads men into an exploration of the erotic and the spiritual through creative ritual and delightful play, along with incisive commentary and discourse

Ken Stofft helps men through transitions by enabling a vibrant connection to their deepest sexual realities

Gay Wisdom is a repository of literary and social commentary 

Gay Spirits is a retreat experience helping gay men to connect their gay selves and God.

Rethinking what it means to be a man in many differnt ways.

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