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Profiles of Jonathan’s Circles Brothers

Submit your profile if you would like to be available for contact from other Jonathan’s brothers.  Send a word document with any or all of the following:  Name (full, first, or username), age, location, small photo if desired, your email address, social media usernames, instant messenger usernames.

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Starting a Jonathan’s Circle 

Jonathan’s Circle is a special kind of men’s group.  If you are interested in beginning a circle in your area, contact for guidelines and terms.

Attend a Meet-up

Meet-ups take place about every 4-6 weeks.  Thus far, the only meet-ups that happen are in the Washington, DC metro area. is a wide and popular network of interest and affinity groups covering an amazing range of topics and activities.  Join for free and learn about us.  We’ll help you start a meetup in your area.  

Men come from as far away as Hagerstown, MD and Philadelphia to participate in our meet-ups, which typically last between 2.5 and 4 hours.  Only those who register through meetup come, although you may join the meetup group without committing to attend any meetups at all.  Any meetup is likely to include first-time attendees as well as those who come regularly or occasionally. 

Recent meet-up topics include “Encountering the Sacred Masculine,” “Living Sensually,” and “Keeping Cool, Keeping Centered.”  

Meet-ups, like every other Jonathan’s Circle group, are neither discussion groups nor sex parties.  Read more about us on our meet-up site.

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